Make sure to ask all the right questions to your wedding photographer!

It is so exciting to organise the wedding day; choosing the date, the perfect venue, and the dress that matches who you are and your wedding style, but sometimes it does feel overwhelming, mostly when it comes to choosing your photographer. We have all been there thinking, is he/she going to take all the perfect pictures? Will he/she be on time on my wedding day? Here our imagination starts to create the worst ideal scenario for our big day. 

We spoke to a Portsmouth wedding photographer Maria from Maria Photography to find out more. Here are the ten must-ask questions for your wedding photographer:

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1 - Are you available?

"I think this is the first question that every bride should ask," says Maria. "Imagine felling in love with a single photographer, looking at all his works and asking all the questions you have in mind only to find out at the end that he won't be available to photograph your day, and you have to start the process all over again. It is heartbreaking and stressful to look for another photographer with a similar portfolio." Maria suggests; "As soon as you find someone you like, contact them and ask straight away if he/she is available at your chosen date. Then take a couple of days to discuss with your partner and don't waste time reserving your date. You don't know if other couples are looking at your photographer for the same date as yours! Especially if it's a summer wedding".

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2-Exactly what’s included in your packages? Are there any extra costs I need to know about?

Every photographer works differently, some wedding packages might include service only, while others are all-inclusive. 

"Be open with your photographer!" Maria says. " there are different questions you should ask about this topic:" 

  1. Are transportation fees covered or will I be charged per mile?
  2. How many digital photos will I get, are there any prints included or should I pay extra for them?
  3. Does your photographer require a meal during the wedding day?

"Don't be shy, your photographer knows that it is the first time you are booking a service for a wedding day, he should be kind to answer all your question and give you more!"

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3- Do you know my venue?

"It's okay for your wedding photographer not to be familiar with your wedding venue," says Maria. "Suggest booking a pre-wedding meeting at your venue to show them around so that they can ‘scout’ your venue before the big day.” 

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4- How do I look good in my photos?

" Breath and relax, don't worry about this your photographer should be able to shoot all your pictures when you most feel comfortable. It’s our job to make sure that we find the flattering angles and the best light, so my only advice is to enjoy your day and if you feel insecure about the outcome of your pictures, ask your photographer if he will be able to offer a pre-wedding photoshoot (or an engagement photo shoot). It will be an occasion to meet your photographer in person and see the way he works, I promise, you will feel more confident on your wedding day if you know how your photographer works."

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5 - Do you take poses group shoot?

If you are having 25 guests or 500, there is always that hour of the day for a group shoot. " Group photos are fun!" Says Maria - " the best way to handle group shoot is to think in advance of every single detail! Write a list with the names of the guest you want in your composition and talk with your photographer about the different types of poses. On your day the Photographer will take less time to call out the names for the photos, and there will be more time to celebrate!"

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6 - Can you work on our list of photos that we want?

"Hopefully, you’ll be working with a photographer that you trust and whose work you love so you won't need to write down a list of photographs you expect from us. We are there to capture every joyful moment, from the bride getting ready with bridesmaids and mother, the beautiful walk down the aisle, the first kiss as Mrs and Mr till the party, the first dance and cut of the cake. I do suggest writing a list of unusual shots, for example, a picture with your best friend that resembles the same pose as you were six." - Maria

Hampshire wedding photography - 10 must ask questions for your photographer

7 - Should we have a ‘first look’ on our wedding day?

"First look is becoming more popular every day and it is something that I always suggest to the couple to do. Not only you will have your time before the ceremony but it will also be private, intimate and discrete. 

Once you'll be at the ceremony, you won't have much time or privacy together. Including a first look in your plans not only guarantees you time alone but you’ll also get amazing and emotional." - Maria

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8 - Do you want the exclusive?

"This is another important question to ask your photographer! Most of them want to be 'exclusive', which means they will be the only ones to photograph your day. If this is written in your agreement, you won't be allowed to hire a second photographer to get different angles, poses and styles of photos. Read carefully your contract and ask your photographer for any concerns." - Maria

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9 - Are you fully insured?

"In my opinion, every photographer should be fully insured. Why? It's simple! Let's say one of your guests is having too much fun and accidentally bumps into your photographer breaking the equipment, are you willing to pay for an expensive camera and lose a significant amount of photos? The insurance will cover that for you and you don't have to worry about an enormous bill after your honeymoon! This will cover also any mistake from your photographer and you'll be fully refound for it." - Maria

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10 - What happens next?

Great you found your wedding photographer, but what is going to happen next? When should you sign your contract, how to pay your deposit, and when to schedule every meeting? Don't forget to ask how long it takes for your wedding photographer to deliver your wedding photos!

10 must ask questions to your wedding photographer - answer by Maria PORTSMOUTH wedding photographer.