How to get the best wedding photos from your photographer.

Your wedding photos will happen only once, and you want to make sure to have the best pictures to look back at your wedding anniversary. 

We collect ten tips from Maria, a professional wedding photographer in Portsmouth, to make sure you feel relaxed in front of the camera and capture the best shoot.

1 • Plan your morning routine

"There are plenty of things to do on the morning of your wedding day, be sure to get a routine ready and schedule everything at the perfect time. You need to know how long it will take for your hairstylist and makeup artist to do their job, and how long it will take to get into your dress; will you need help? Make sure your photographer knows your schedule for the Bride-prep photo shoot, and don't forget to stay hydrated! " - Maria

Boho country wedding photos with bride and groom seat in front of Volkswagen country beige minivan

2 • Get ready all you need 

"It is a crucial part of your morning routine! Clear the room where you'll be getting ready and make sure you'll have all the essentials that you'll need. Wedding dress, shoes, jewellery, flower, wedding ring! Get all of them in one place so your photographer can get some details to shoot while you're getting ready. " - Maria

3 • Rule nº 1 - No phones allowed

 "Everyone will be excited to be part of your wedding day, and they want to be sure to get the same photos and video too to share on social. Remember that you hire a professional photographer to capture your big day, and the last thing you want in your picture are Guests stepping out into the aisle with phones."

romantic hand touching photos of bride and groom in a beautiful field, long sleeve lace dress and lather watch

4 • Keep it simple

"Breath, Relax, and enjoy your day! You are getting married, and you are the main character. Don't worry about guests and family members judging your day as it is a competition for how many tiers the cake, is and how expensive your wedding dress is. If you are happy they are happy too, your guest are there to celebrate your wedding day with you!" - Maria

5 • ORGANISE your time

"I recommend having half an hour after the ceremony for your group shoot so your guest are free to get some refreshment and you'll be able to have time for your Bride & Groom pictures only. It will be amazing having some private time with your husband after the ceremony your photographer will be able to capture an amazing, intimate and outstanding shoot." - Maria

bride and groom first dance in the night party at their reception, lovely boho romantic atmosfere

6 • Brief your photographer

"Let your photographer knows about special guest coming overseas just to be part of your wedding day. These are the special shoot that your photographer needs to know about, if you have more than one unusual request, write down a list and handle to your photographer plenty of time before your wedding day. It will allow him to get every single detail arranged." - Maria

7 • Write a list

"You should have plenty of consultation with your photographer, but writing down a list will be an opportunity for you and him to be ready and in time for your wedding day. You should be taking into consideration things like; special guests who are sitting in the front row at your ceremony, how long before the exchange of vows, and what time your DJ will announce your first dance... 

If you have a wedding planner let your photographer knows her info. He will know exactly where to be at a specific time of the day to get the best shots." - Maria

Bride and groom golden hour portraits, under the veil. beautiful and romantic picture during sunset

8 • Make the most of 'golden hours' 

"The few minutes before sunset is the best time of the day to get those super romantic pictures where you and your spouse will be swaddled in a dreamy golden light that makes everything magical! Golder hours are different in every season so make sure to check the time and let the photographer knows in advance" - Maria

9 • Meet your Photographer

"Do you feel confident in front of the camera? If the answer is 'No' don't worry, meet your photographer before the wedding and get to know him. Ask for a pre-wedding photoshoot to be aware of the way the photographer is working with you. Remember: a Bride who's relaxed and confident with her photographer will have the most romantic and emotional pictures!" - Maria

10 • Trust your photographer

It is completely normal to feel anxious, but remember that you choose this specific photographer for his skills, personality and his beautiful portfolio. Just relax and enjoy your wedding day!

10 tips for getting the best wedding photos suggested by Maria Photography.