5 pictures that can't miss out on your wedding day

After writing about '10 must-ask questions for your photographer' and ' 10 tips on how to get the best wedding picture', here is a small guide of pictures that you shouldn't miss out on. Why may you ask? Because these pictures/poses are really simple to recreate, you don't need to be a model to have beautiful cover pictures! 

Here are five pictures that can't be missed out at your wedding by Portsmouth wedding photography-Maria Photography.

walking pose for your wedding day

"The Walk"

After walking down the aisle as Mrs & Mr, this is one picture that you won't even notice your photographer is taking! It is a chance to get these beautiful gown details most naturally, and it creates a cinematographic effect that won't be going outdated.

black and white photos for your wedding day

"B & W Portrait"

No matter your age, type and style of your wedding, you can't say no to a classic black and white photo. If you are worried that colour pictures might look better, ask your photographer to give you both of the versions when working in B & W.

The look back pose for your wedding day

"The Look Back"

It is the easiest pose ever, it looks very artistic and different from the classic standing poses. The impressive part is that it can be recreated with bridesmaids, group photos, and the bride and groom portraits! To make this pose look magical, choose the golden hours window to get some romantic sunlight.

bear hug pose by Maria Photography

"Spoon hug"

Like Black and white pictures, this is another classic that you should consider having in your photo album. It's simple, intimate, romantic, just the two of you. 

the emotional hug pose by Hampshire wedding photographer Maria

"Emotional Hug"

Last but not least, the wonderful emotional hug. 

Pro-tip, if the photographer you hire is a good one, he will leave you plenty of personal space and shoot the photo with a powerful zoom lens. This way you won't feel awkward and uncomfortable hugging in front of a stranger.