why have a register office wedding?

We survive the past two years with a pandemic over our world. Everything change and life haven't got back as we hope. I know many couples who spent 10K on a beautiful wedding day and had to reschedule everything twice. Some of them gave up on a big wedding and got married at the registered office by spending the remaining amount to create an amazing honeymoon experience. While having a small wedding has become a covid-trend, for many couples living in the UK has been the only way to get married in the last decade without going into bankruptcy. The average amount the couple spend for their day is around 20k, the equivalent of a deposit for a mortgage! While organising a small wedding at the registered office, most couples were able to save from 15k to 12k, but how do they do it? Does it mean they won't be able to have a photographer at their wedding? Does the bride say goodbye to her dream dress?

It seems unbelievable but those couples didn't have to give up on their photographer, wedding dress, flowers or DJ. Keep reading the post and you will find as well how to get everything and save a lot of money!

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First set up a budget

Even if it seems obvious you should set up a budget and divide it into different categories, eg. wedding dress, photographer, food, ... I suggest setting up a date and talking together with your partner about what will make your wedding day special besides getting to marry your soul mate. 

How to save money on your vendors?

By having the ceremony at the register office, you will already save at least 5k from your venue plus any cost that your celebrant will ask. You will save money on your flowers since you won't need to decor the venue and you get to create your beautiful bouquet as you always wanted. But what about other vendors? If you don't want to compromise on your wedding dress, you could hire one or buy second hand. This will save you £500 or more! There are websites out there where you can search for wedding gowns under £100 and have alterations done to your local tailor. You could host your wedding reception at your favourite restaurant or simply hire a room to your local pub and hire a DJ by hour instead of paying for the whole event. But what about the photographer? Most of them have a small 4hrs package that cost between £500 - £800 without taking into consideration the transportation fees and prints, a wedding photographer can be the most expensive vendor for your wedding day.

Don't despair, I got the solution right for you!

Some couples choose to don't have a wedding photographer for their special day, instead, they ask family and friends to take some pictures with their smartphones. It's an idea that can work for some couples but the outcome won't be the same as hiring a professional, and if you are a 'memory lover' like me, you will be delighted to know that there are professional photographers out there that charge per hour!

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Maria Photography

She is a photographer based in Gosport, Hampshire and she's offering great deals about wedding packages for all budgets! Her location is close to the Portsmouth and Fareham register office so that' make it easier for her to charge per hour without a minimum hour required.

You could check with your local photographer if he's offering an hourly package.

hourly package by Maria Photography

Maria is based in Gosport and she's covering weddings at register office that takes place in Portsmouth and Fareham, her hourly package is called 'New Moon' and here is what included:

• Pre-wedding consultations.

• All edited photos in your unique online gallery where you can like and share your favourite photos with family and friends.

• 15 Wonderful prints of your choice!

The price is only £165 per hour enough to cover a full ceremony at the register office, group pictures, and Bride and Groom portraits.

"I photograph many weddings at Portsmouth register office and most of the brides don't want to compromise on their photographer so they hire me for less than £200 to cover their arrival, ceremony and photos after the ceremony. Nowadays couples don't want to spend over 20K for their wedding, maybe they just had a baby, or they bought the house of their dream. This is the reason why I chose to introduce an hourly package ideal for 'register office' ceremonies and macro weddings. Now the couples don't have to give up on beautiful pictures, in addition, they will get everything like hiring a full day coverage photographer." - says Maria

How do I book? and what are the hidden fees?

No hidden fees! If you're getting merry at the Portsmouth register office or Fareham register office you won't have transportation fees to pay, but for any other location, a small fee as 45p per mile is applied.

"I always suggest to my couples to book their photographer at least six months in advance for big weddings, but for register office, I required 2 weeks notice. The reason is that there are fewer details to prepare than a full day wedding, and if the couple required me only for 1 hour, that means we will discuss mostly group pictures and Bride and Groom portraits. The delivery of their online gallery and prints we'll be between 2 and 4 weeks, sometimes even less depending on the season on which I will photograph your day.

Like big ceremony I still required a deposit upon the bookings and the remaining amount a week before the wedding, all the details will be discussed during your pre-wedding consultation which is usually one to three video calls based on your wedding style and needs." - Maria

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"Great news! I am available from winter weddings on December 2021 and more for 2022 and 2023, so what are you waiting for? Have a look at my works and get in touch about your plans and budget!"

visit www.mariaweddingphotographer.co.uk